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Mariana is a London based Personal Trainer, Movement Therapist, & Holistic Health Coach

“Through the principles of viewing the body as a whole, holistic system, I’ve been able to create life changing health & fitness results for my community & clients. I offer 14 years of experience running a successful personal training business & a lifetime dedicated to the science of how to achieve peak performance & heightened health."

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What makes our sessions so effective?

After extensive real-world experience with clients as a personal trainer, I’ve learnt that the biomechanics model of movement is limited.

Standard fitness and training methods produce standard results: nothing extraordinary or worth calling home about. While the understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology is important, the real life-changing results come from an appreciation of the system that “controls” movement: the nervous system.

I offer a precise, brain-based rehabilitation and high-performance system specifically designed to bring the latest cutting edge neuroscience protocols & drills to my clients. This way of working with your brain and body results in extraordinary results & goals.

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