Current Offered Workshop: Corporate Posture

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The postural design of your body is the foundation for better health and career success. I know how important employee productivity is to your workplace. Most companies loose around 76pence p/hour per employee in decreased productivity. Those costs add up. Just increasing productivity by 10% can add over £1.15M in income a year for a small business.

The Corporate Posture Programme delivers presentations to medium to large corporate businesses, helping them to improve the postural and ergonomic habits of their employees. Assisting you in learning and applying the Principles of Posturology.

  • Expand your knowledge and solidify your understanding of Posture Related Health Problems
  • Learn how to detect, analyze and correct postural distortion patterns with predictable, guaranteed, postural correction results and proven correction strategies

Look Better, Move Better.....Feel Better!

Hosted by Mariana Cadore

London based Personal Trainer, Movement Therapist, & Holistic Health Coach

Mariana Cadore

Over the past 14 years I have dedicated myself to understanding the relationship between the brain and the body.

As a personal trainer and ex-professional athlete I’ve learnt that whilst the understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology is important, the real lifechanging results come from an appreciation of the system that “controls” movement: the nervous system. This is where I can offer an extraordinary service.

My precise, brain-based rehabilitation and high-performance system is specifi cally designed to bring the latest cutting edge neuroscience protocols & drills to my clients. This way; in an interactive workshop, I can restore function, improve the way your body systems are running, & get rid of that which is holding you back.

This is an interactive workshop covering:

  • Understanding health paradigms
  • How structure dictates function
  • What does your posture communicate about you?
  • Individual characteristics resultant of good posture
  • Posture health connection
  • Ergonomic Design
  • How to perform a Complete Posture Analysis
  • Implementable correction tips

Invest in your future!

Investment in your posture is an investment in your future. It is a Win-Win-Win investment of time and resources among all parties involved. As a Business you reap long- term benefi ts of decreased absenteeism and increased productivity among your employees, while employees experience the gift of better health and a safer working environment.

Client Testimonials

A big huge thank you to Mariana, with you I have started an amazing journey and its going to keep going for the rest of my life. I came back to work for the new year and was determined that this is the year of me. That I was going to stop making excuses, and start making changes. And Mari was the catalyst that started the change. I hadn't exercised since school and even then I wasn't a big fan. Mari helped me realise that I can do more than I think and if its not hurting you need to sweat. I trained three times a week with Mari, and now instead of sleeping in and spending the day watching tv on the weekend you are much more likely to find me up the mountains bushwalking. I'm now three sizes smaller and much more active. Mariana never gave me a boring a workout, changing the workout each session. More than that she has awesome advice regarding how to change you life, and I would now count her as a friend. Change isn't easy but its so much better than standing still. Thanks Mari xx

- Davina

Where do I start..... I have always been an active individual however, I felt as though I was missing something because I was still feeling a sense of frustration and confusion with my body and what I could be capable of. Then it all came together, Mariana was who I missing!! I began training with Mariana In May 2013. Mariana understood exactly what I wanted to achieve and she helped me get there by providing the most effective, supportive and positive experiences. I love how every session is different from the last. I find it challenging, exciting and fun! Results were showing instantly and I become hungrier for more! Not only has Marianna supported me in the gym but she has helped me gain more knowledge about nutrition and how I can maintain good nutrition. If you have questions about food Mariana is your girl! As of now I feel as though I have achieved my goals that I had put in place with Mariana from when I started and now I have new goals which are bigger and better. I can’t wait it get stuck into it with the support and help of Mariana! Thank you!

- Natasha

I was recently diagnosed with NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) which is hereditary. This is where fat is stored inside the liver. I had to start to loose the weight and started Weight Watchers for 12 weeks. I met Mariana at my local gym and started using her services, and stopped going to Weight Watches. The results with Mariana was amazing. I dropped a 1.5 stone and started to tone up. Mariana has the ability to see where you need to work on your body and gets the best effective results. It can be tough, but she knows your limits and is always adjusting the training accordingly. She has a keen eye on spotting where the problem lies and corrects the issue. I was able to bench press 60 kg, but was surprised that I managed to maximise my bench press to 95 kg after one of Mariana's Neuroskeletal Re-Alignment Therapy, which was brilliant. Mariana has a positive and friendly personality and makes you feel at ease from the get go. I would highly recommend Mariana. With kindest regards, Craig.

- Craig

I want to say, thank you for all your hard work and support with me. You have made me a stronger person physically and mentally. You have taught me a lot about life, diet & exercise. Something I will take with me forever. I have a long way to come and and I will continue my strong attitude towards keeping fit. You're an amazing woman and inspiration. Thank you for everything and always making my gym nights a pleasure to be there.

- Lisa

Mariana has been an incredible support in my healing process. She always looks at me holistically and has helped me feel better on an emotional and physical level. I am very grateful to have met her.

- Selina

Neurology Applied in Movement is extremely powerful & can have transforming results in a matter of seconds. It often seems like magic to me. It’s been a fascinating learning experience, enabling me to realise how powerful the human body is. AMN treatment is nothing short of life-changing, using simple techniques that can be taken with you day by day & utilised in personal training to amazing effect!

- Tom

I came here unable to move my neck, Mariana did something that I don’t understand and now I can move freely again. Much appreciate your incredible work!

- Chellie

Mariana is my companion on the journey to a healthy and happy life. For two years she has been guiding me to see the whole me, to use the whole me, the strengthen and tone the whole me, so the whole me performs the role I’m here to perform. Always cheerful, empathetic and knowledgable, she has a unique way of enabling me to be the best I can be. It’s her gift. I call it, Mariana’s Magic.

- Tony